November 2, 2012


Well that was quite the ending to what had been a great month.

The photo recap...

JD and I took a couple of nice strolls through Manhattan.
 I finally got to try People's Pops on the Highline!
After almost a full year of waiting, Trader Joe's finally got their
dark chocolate cheddar cheese back in stock! 
(Trust me on this one, it only sounds gross.)
I discovered a new favorite red lipstick.
JD celebrated his 26th birthday!
We visited old friends for a housewarming party.
We pumpkin picked on the North Fork & most importantly, got pies from Briermere! 
(Because JD and I are incapable of sharing desserts, we needed to get separate pies.)
We also got lost in a corn maze and saw some cute animals.
And then, my house briefly became it's own island.

I hope your month was wonderful!

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