November 8, 2012

My Beach

The landscape of our barrier island beaches is not permanent.
Each spring we return to see what the winter has done with the sand.
Some years the beach is fine and the sand stretches long to the water.
Other years it is short, with most of the sand having moved further down 
the shore to another beach. It happens every year like clockwork, a routine,
yet we like to think of this ever changing landscape as permanent. 
We build on top of the new sand and become upset when it disappears again.
Each year we forget, but our failing memories do not pause the erosion.
Hurricane Sandy did quite a number on my beach last week.
Waves now break on the east bound lane of Ocean Parkway.
They say the beach is "gone", but really it is too early to tell if the 
changes in the landscape will be slightly more permanent.
Right now, it does not look good for Gilgo, but we will
have to wait to see what will become of it.

Years ago, JD buried a piece of driftwood in the sand to set up his slackline.
People have tried and tried to remove it but it has remained.
I bet that it's still standing, though in the ocean now.
I have confidence that at some point the sand will return,
but I cannot say when. Until then, I will be thankful that I got
to spend so much of my time in such a beautiful place.

Some of my favorite pictures from Gilgo this summer.

P.S. It's snowing in New York right now! How crazy is that!


  1. Lovely words. I also followed you on pinterest! so chic, i love it!

  2. i will never again live not near water. i need the ocean

  3. beautiful photos! it was unreal to watch all of the destruction sandy left in its path. hopefully your beach will be able to bounce back over the next few years.


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