November 20, 2012

Maple Lattes

A couple of years ago I had heard about a coffee shop in Park Slope that makes maple lattes. 
I thought the idea sounded lovely and suggested to JD that we should make the trip 
to Brooklyn one afternoon to try them. We never got around to it and as time passed, 
I forgot about Gorilla Coffee and their maple lattes. Then a couple of weeks ago 
I got Taylor Swift's new album Red, (which is pretty great by the way - The Last Time 
is my current favorite on the album). As is tradition at this point, I flipped open the booklet and 
read through the lyrics to find the capital letters that spell out hidden messages. 
The message for All Too Well was "maple lattes", written about Jake Gyllenhaal 
with the message referring to Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope, 
thus reminding me that I still hadn't tried a maple latte.

Getting maple lattes was then added back onto the must do list.
So on Saturday we made an afternoon of it. We hopped on the D train
 and headed over to Park Slope where I finally got a maple latte and 
JD got a hot chocolate and an esspresso. It was delicious, definitely worth the trip. 
Hopefully, it's not another two years before I taste one again. 


  1. Maple lattes are heavenly. Definitely not something anyone should go two years without.

  2. I love making my weekends into little adventures to seek out new things to taste, see, and experience.
    Looks like a fun little trip.


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