November 1, 2012

Damn Sandy

It's been a long week of waiting for news updates,
for power to be restored, and for things to return to normal.
I can't say when the latter will be happening.
We were lucky. 

The street I live on turned into a river and the bay filled my backyard with three feet of water. 
It left a thin line of broken leaves along the fence to remind us that it was there. 
Our den and laundry room had minor flooding, our crawl space filled with water. 
Though my house smells like a swamp, our damage was minimal. 
We may have trouble with the television and things along the back wall 
where water came in, but we haven't attempted to do anything with it just yet. 
Aside from that room, everything else was unharmed.

I'm extremely happy to report that all of our friends and family members are safe.

The large maple tree in the backyard of my grandmother's house came down 
on the back of the house, taking the power lines with it.  
Luckily, it only appears to have damaged the exterior of the house. 
Crews will need to come in to remove the wires before we can touch the tree.

A large branch fell in the frontyard of my uncle's house where we were staying
 as we had been evacuated, but luckily and thankfully, it landed safely in the yard.

JD is still without power in the West Village. 

My Aunt and Uncle who have a beach house at Gilgo finally made it over
 this morning to assess the damage. My Aunt said that the first floor and Grace 
(a separate little building behind the house) took quite the beating. 
The floors were ripped up and the furniture strewn about. 

A family friend had a tree fall on their house, they are safe but without power. 

Our friends Mike and Logan were still underwater as of yesterday, 
he joked that his boat joined them for breakfast. 

My friend Joe had three feet of water in his Freeport apartment.

Tuesday morning we took a ride over to check out our house. 
When we got there the street was still flooded. My sister braved it in her jeep with the help of 
a neighbor guiding debris out of her way. Another neighbor gave my mom a ride 
down the street to our house on a quad. After inspecting the house, speaking with some 
of the neighbors, and getting some necessities, my sister and I went to the 
movie theater that she manages to fill garbage bags of ice 
to bring back for our neighbors without power.

Yesterday afternoon my uncle and his neighbor brought over a generator

 to pump water out of the crawl space. My neighbors have done a wonderful job 
of cleaning up the debris that washed in with the bay. 
That pale blue dock still sits on the corner, but the large pine tree that had been laying next to it, 
partially blocking the road has been cleared away. The two large trees that fell on my street 
have been mostly cut up and moved from their threatening positions.
One landed on top of a car, the second leaned against a house.

Though we still have wires down on our street, last night our power was restored.

There are still too many people on the island without power,
and a lot of them sustained serious damage to their homes.
Some have no home to go back to. It is devastating and heartbreaking.

As if we didn't have enough trouble on our hands,
we now have a severe shortage of gas. 
A lot of it has been depleted as people try to keep their generators going.
There is none left in town. This is going to be a problem.
Hopefully we can get some deliveries in before people 
start stealing it out of parked cars.

If you were affected by the hurricane I hope you're safe and well!

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  1. wow! so much damage for Sandy but so much to be grateful for too. i'm praying for you and your family to get life restored to normal as soon as possible :)


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