November 13, 2012

Cross-body Handbag Hunting

I'm in the market for a new handbag.
More specifically, I've been searching for a black cross-body bag
which has turned out to be a much more difficult task than originally expected.
While I have come across so many lovely bags, none of them are what
I'm looking for. What exactly that is, however, is still to be discovered.

Some contenders...
 I think this Rebecca Minkoff purse is so cute, but I like it much less in black,
which is the color I'm actually looking for. I don't think this lovely
burgundy color would go very well as an everyday bag.
Okay so this cute little J. Crew purse isn't technically a cross-body
but I have had my eye on it for quite some time, just not in black.
I really like the structured look and the top handle.
I love this saddle bag styled Chloe, but it is too small for what I'm looking for.
I really do like this Tory Burch a lot. It reminds me a little of Proenza Schouler.
I actually think that this is the closest to what I want, but I'm just not crazy about that
pebbled leather look. It would be a done deal if it were smooth leather instead.
I think I'll have to go see it in person, perhaps this weekend.

What do you think?
Have any recommendations or favorites?


  1. Great choices. I like the Tory Burch or the the cute J.Crew purse.


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