October 17, 2012

The Maiden Voyage in Photos

So remember when we took our little boat out for the first time
a couple of weeks ago? Well, here are the pictures!
 JD, Nick, and I arriving at Mike and Logan's boat. 
And no, you are not supposed to put three people on a 420.
Mike hopped on to give JD and mini lesson since both 
Nick and I were terrified and escaped the first chance we got.
All photographs by Logan Sappell.

Thank you again, Logan and Mike!


  1. Wow you're really brave and adventurous! I hope to sail on a small lil boat one day too. Seems lotsa fun ;)

    Btw i've just followed your blog, let's follow each other? Hee. I love reading your posts!

  2. how fun!! I miss boating so much...these pics made me nostalgic


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