October 1, 2012


The month of September as seen through instagram.

In September we spent time at the beach,
I turned twenty-five and bought myself shoes,
we ate plenty of cake, admired the Hudson River,
took a couple of trips out East, still did not get any pies,
watched the sun rise over the Atlantic, 
sampled oysters on Stone Street, 
admired the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain,
baked some delicious treats, and last but certainly not least,
we finally sailed our boat after a summer of repairs!
(I will share the story later this week)

I hope you had a fun month too! :)

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  1. I love all of these pictures. The Atlantic looks so beautiful! September was a great month for me but I'm definitely looking forward to October. Fall leaves, fall food, fall weather, fall clothing, and Halloween, too? Sounds just perfect.


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