October 22, 2012

"Leaf-ers" & a Housewarming

What a wonderful weekend it was!
The weather here in New York was perfect after all of the rain on Friday.
We were able to squeeze a lot in. We were "leaf-ers", "pumpkin-ers", and "pie-ers".
For some reason, we decided that those were all things to be.

On Saturday, we were leaf-ers. 
We headed up to Coxsackie, New York our friends Melissa and Alex's
housewarming party. Melissa and I were roommates our sophomore year in college.
She and her boyfriend Alex just bought a farm, complete with guinea hens
and an eight horse barn. It was wonderful to see Melissa and Alex again. 
It had been way too long. 

On the drive up we thoroughly enjoyed watching the leaves
turn before our eyes. The further we went, the more brilliant the trees.
Gorgeous red, orange, and golden leaves covered made up
the sweeping mountain views. It's only just begun here.

Some photos from the day...

In case you were wondering, 
I ended up getting Melissa and Alex the milk bottle measuring cups
from Anthropologie. They are even cuter in person, so cute in fact
that I had to buy a set for myself. That brings the tally up to 2-0.
Last spring I bought a rug, now measuring cups. 
Still no apartment.
JD is thrilled

To be continued regarding the subjects of "pumpkin-ers" and "pie-ers" :)
I hope that you had a lovely weekend!


  1. nice weather! you're lucky! it's snowing and raining here in Idaho.. huh

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    Love so much you're blog, follow u :)

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    Hope u follow back :)

    Lot of kisses.


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