October 2, 2012

Kayaking on the Peconic

Saturday morning JD woke me up at 8am to go kayaking on the Peconic River.
I was less than thrilled. Friday night it sounded like such a great idea.
But I guess waking up early always sounds okay when you're not actually doing it.
So we loaded his boats onto the car and drove East.
We paddled 7 miles from Calverton to Riverhead.
It was a fun adventure, navigating through the trees and very shallow water in spots.
At a few points we actually had to get out after running aground.
Our friend Caryn even caught a mussel with her paddle.
The rain came down, mostly as a mist for about three hours.
Did I mention it took us six to do it all?
I didn't take any pictures during our paddle as the camera
was safely stowed in a dry bag in one of the bins, so these pictures where
taken before, at the spot on Connecticut Road where we put the boats in.


  1. That sounds like so much fun but definitely a lot of work, too! I went kayaking a few weeks ago and LOVED it but it wasn't misting and it also didn't take six hours. You're such a trooper!


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