October 10, 2012


No, sadly I have not moved... yet.
(fingers crossed we will be moving sometime late spring/early summer)
But a couple of my friends have, and with housewarming parties
coming up in the next couple of weeks, I've been hunting for the perfect gifts.
For my friend Melissa, I wanted to get something more than just
a bottle of wine. The last time she moved I got her these sweet little tea cups 
from Anthropologie. They have such cute things.
 I absolutely love this milk bottle measuring cup set from Anthropologie.
I've had my eye on it for quite a while, and may have to get it for myself...
These book inspired cutting boards are so adorable and would 
definitely come in handy for friends who love to entertain. 
 I suppose this doesn't work if it's not around Halloween as this seasonal,
but I love the pumpkin punch bowl. How cute would this be to set out
at an Autumn dinner party or Halloween party!
I love this idea of chalkboard glasses. I may have to steal the idea
and make them myself. After all, I do have a can of chalkboard paint
laying around, just waiting for an opportunity to be used.
JD is all about decanters, and fancy scotch, which go hand in hand.
This would be a great gift for a friend who has similar interests.
This muffin pan is too cute, a good idea for a friend who loves to bake.

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Hmm... Clearly I have a preference for gifts that involve eating or drinking.

What do you usually get a friend as a housewarming gift?
And I suppose a better question, what would you want to get?


  1. i'm now following you honey :) hope you follow me back :) love you posts as always <3

  2. Everything is so nice!

  3. The cutting board is creative & cute! Would love to have tt at home :)

  4. I guess vintage decoration for household use that reminds a good ol' classic days will always do the trick. Very awesome finds in this post.


  5. Anthropologie has the best kitchen items! they are so cute and also decorative.


  6. Love these! <3 I love browsing through photos like these- it definitely gives me inspiration while I'm daydreaming what I would like to have in my own house one day! :-)

    XO, Linda
    The Style Moodboard


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