October 16, 2012

Celeb Spotting

A couple of weeks ago, one of my coworkers was talking about
how she meets celebrities all the time. Not by seeking them out,
 but instead running into them out in public. I was a just little bit jealous. 
I wanted to casually run into the cast of Glee in the supermarket too. 
My extent of celebrity encounters included meeting Sean Lennon 
at Fashion's Night Out a couple of years ago and once while having 
dinner outside at Tartine, Emilie de Ravin of Lost walked by carrying 
a small black duffle bag. Instead of running away from my dinner
and questioning her about "Crazy Jungle Claire" I politely smiled.

I told JD about my coworker's stories. He assured me that we probably
see a lot of celebrities walking around that we just don't notice or recognize.
He cited the time that his mother stood on line at Dag with Anne Hathaway
 (who was buying cake mix to make for her cast-mates and crew - how sweet!)
and was only alerted to who she was by the starstruck cashier.
After all, his neighborhood (the West Village) is a hotbed for such sightings.

The following afternoon, JD and I went over to the meatpacking to look
at the leather jackets in Vince. (I still desperately want this one, but I will have to
wait for a sale.) Before heading uptown to visit Laduree, we stopped in the Apple store
to look at the new iPhones. The shop was crowded as I weaved around the people
and tables to find an available spot. As we were examining the phone, 
Kris Humphries walked up to us, apologized for "being ghetto" and told us
that his phone had died, he really needed to charge it. He then picked up the sample
and put his own phone on the dock while his three, much shorter friends
giggled like little girls. They kept smiling at me to see if I would recognize
who they were hanging out with... Clearly they were very excited.
I whispered to JD who he was, to which he replied "I have no idea who that is."
Exhibit A ladies and gentlemen. JD has no idea who anyone is.
Hence why he has only ever noticed Ben from Lost out on the street,
and that was only because they were filming in front of his school.
An Apple employee then came over and directed Mr. Humphries to the
second floor where he could in fact, buy a new charger and JD and I
headed uptown for some overpriced macarons.

So there it was, JD was right. I just wasn't noticing.
I then jokingly said, "I wonder who we'll see next weekend. I hope it's Boone 
(Ian Somerhalder from Lost)" and we continued about our merry way. 
Flash forward to this past Friday. 

On our way back from Li-Lac, we walked down West 11th.
We had to slow down as we approached the corner that houses The Spotted Pig.
There was a young couple standing on the sidewalk with large shopping bags,
blocking the way as they debated whether or not to go inside for dinner. 
I noticed that they said Spitafields and thought it was a long walk from All Saints 
in SoHo. As she was standing in my way I looked up at her face, assuming
that she was just a tourist. It was Vanessa Hudgens with a blond boy 
I'm assuming was her boyfriend. Once again, I whispered to JD,
he said "who?" I laughed and we continued walking home.

Saturday evening, before dinner we took a walk with JD's mom and uncles
before dinner. While waiting to cross the street, I looked over at the woman standing
next to me. She looked familiar. As we crossed the street I looked over again.
It was Julianne Moore! By now you know the drill with JD. But this time
he actually knew who she was... with a little help.

In my best Boston accent, I quoted 30 Rock
 "Two Spidermans fighting, and sometimes they make weird noises. 
But they're not hurting each other." - "How often did they walk in on you?"

JD laughed and said, "I'm sure she's thrilled to be best known for that."
She smiled at us when she noticed that we were looking at her. 
She is absolutely gorgeous in person, and her hair is extremely shiny. 
I would love to know what products she uses. 
My hair needs all of the help it can get these days. 

So there you have it, all I needed to do was pay a little more attention.

Have you ever met a celebrity?
And who would you like to run into?


  1. I've met zoe Rachel once, when i was in the US for two weeks. my sister in law is one of her best friends and we had a really really great time together!
    and back in germany i saw a few german celebrities... maybe 6 or 7

  2. That's so much fun! I live in Texas, so my celebrities are a little more far and few.

    My pastor's wife ran into Matthew McConaughey and friends at Fiesta Texas. He had a hat and sunglasses on and was talking to her as she walked her 4yr old son to a scooby doo ride, and when they were done talking, he put his glasses down and winked at her...


    Another friend of mine went to New York recently and sat near Kevin Spacey and Ryan Reynolds at dinner.

    I would LOVE to run into Leonardo DiCaprio, because a friend of mine who has met several celebrities (including Oprah, President Bush and Will Smith) said he was his favorite.

  3. I've met Jamie Foxx, Jeff Goldblum, Collin Farrel, Jay Leno and Tom Cruise. Cruise was probably the nicest (and surprisingly really handsome).

    Great blog, would you like to follow each other?



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