October 19, 2012

A Rainy Friday

What better day to discuss hair problems than a rainy Friday?
It's no secret that I destroyed my hair by dying it just slightly lighter than
my natural color for two years. JD must be thrilled that I am admitting to this.
It didn't make much sense but in truth, my hair only has that auburn tint in the 
summer after spending lots of time outside. It just doesn't happen in the winter.
So basically, my hair is damaged and has a very uncooperative mind of it's own.
Recently, I have discovered this amazing hair oil thanks to Birchbox and
their collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop. 

Over the summer my friend Kaitlin introduced me to Birchbox,
which incase you are unaware, is a company that sends you one full sized sample
and a bunch of smaller ones of different beauty products every month for $10.
Some months I've been happy, others I've been unsure of what to do with the 
things they send me (giant blue eyeliner pencil, anyone?). 
It's hit or miss when trying out new products, everyone likes 
different things, but they do try to get a sense of what 
you'd like to receive with a survey.
If you haven't signed up, you can do so here!
(But I should tell you that I will get 
50 points if you use that link to sign up.)

This month they teamed up with Gwyneth and sent out some of her
favorite beauty products. As a reader of her newsletter blog Goop, I already
knew that I'd love anything she put together. After all, I used her 
London city guide and loved her recommendations and
 her New York list is equally as good. 

When I opened my Birchbox this month there was a little sample of
Orofluido Elixir inside. It's a mixture of agran oil, linseed oil, and Cyperus oil 
 that smells like amber and vanilla and is supposed to make your hair soft, shiny, 
happy, etc. I had already been using agran oil for a while but wasn't getting
these results. I've been using the elixir for almost two weeks now and cannot
believe how smooth and manageable it makes my hair, the mop that
acts as a weather detector. I am actually wearing my hair down today.
Just thought I'd share! 

Happy Friday & enjoy the weekend!


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