September 18, 2012

Sunrise Surf

Waking up to go to the beach at 5am really has become one of my favorite things.
The light is just perfect, the beach is empty,  and while it is a bit chilly 
that can still easily be fixed with a blanket and sweatshirt.
Sunday morning JD had the alarm set for 5, the forecast was 3-6 foot waves. 
So we got in the car and off we went. I didn't mind one bit.
When we arrived at Gilgo the waves were huge. It didn't feel like New York.
And finally, after trying all summer, I got to see the sun rise over the ocean.
It was one of the most beautiful things.
 Why yes, that is a flock of butterflies.


  1. wow, that sunset is breath taking!


    lydia from vintage2vogue

  2. These are great pictures, the sunset, waves, beach - just paradise!
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  3. Absolutely stunning pictures!!! The early morning sunrise and early evening sunset truly are the most amazing times to be on the beach!

  4. Wow beautiful pictures! Where are you from?

  5. Love this post - makes me wish summer would never end! Completely adoring your blog <3


  6. I'm not a morning person, but I think if I'd live by the beach, I wouldn't have problems with waking up at 5am... especially after seeing these pics, amazing!


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