September 4, 2012

Something Borrowed

Sometime in the beginning of the summer I came across 
Something Borrowed on one of the movies on demand channels. 
I remembered hearing about it when they were filming, 
some of the scenes were shot in Nassau County (though I'm not sure which ones) 
and people got excited about it. I also remember seeing the book in a store 
shortly afterward and reading the back. It sounded awful. 
I wondered how the characters could possibly be sympathetic and put it down.

To quickly summarize the plot: 
Girl betrays best friend by sleeping with said friend's fiance 
on the night of her thirtieth birthday.

I suppose you may not want to read this if you have
 any intentions to read the book or watch the movie.
More likely than not I should be embarrassed to admit that I liked the movie. 
Ginnifer Goodwin and Colin Egglesfield were great as Rachel and Dex, 
Kate Hudson had Darcy down perfectly, and John Krasinski was excellent 
(and much needed) comic relief as Ethan. My favorite scene was when they played 
badminton on the beach and Rachel silences Ethan with the racquet.

After seeing the movie, I was curious about the book. 
The characters had managed to be likable on screen so they must be 
likable in print too. I was also extremely curious how the story 
continued in Something Blue, but decided that I should probably 
get my facts straight by reading the first book first as 
adaptations are generally not spot on with the original story, 
especially when the story is told from a first person perspective. 
So I went to the book store, picked up a copy, 
and didn't put it down until it ended.

The story flowed nicely, and as predicted, there was a lot left out of the movie. 
For instance, Rachel and Dex spent a lot more time together in the book,
 their relationship was a little bit more evolved than the spaced out 
casual vibe the movie gave it. Rachel also seemed unsure of her feelings
for Dex in the book, whereas onscreen she had loved him all along.
Darcy was also much more awful in print, she bulldozed
right over Rachel every chance she got. 
Everything is about Darcy and everything must be perfect. 

One thing that annoyed me was how passive Rachel was about everything. 
It made her weak, made her stay in relationships she had no interest in, 
made her stay at the job she hated, made her not take any risks or chances. 
And for some reason she made it to thirty without realizing that she and Darcy 
really had nothing in common aside from Darcy herself. 

The deed happens right at the beginning so we 
don't know too much about Rachel just yet. 
Then we learn who she is and her relationship to Darcy. 
There are a lot of gray areas in this story and I always 
find it fascinating when you end up rooting for the guilty party. 
After all, Darcy is innocent, isn't she? She's just the self centered 
best friend who hasn't a clue what's going on. 
And right at the point where you wonder if you should 
in fact feel bad for Darcy and hate Rachel for what she's doing, 
Darcy admits to having an affair of her own.

Hillary and Ethan (characters who are combined in the movie) 
are cheerleaders for Rachel. And they make an excellent point, 
that Darcy wouldn't hesitate for a moment if the tables were turned, 
if it were Rachel's fiance she fancied. And she didn't... 
Throughout the book Rachel went on a few dates with one of 
Dex's groomsmen, Marcus. Darcy was very interested in their relationship, 
taking every opportunity to ask for updates on how it was going. 
Then low and behold, it's Marcus who Darcy was having an affair with, 
but naturally it goes further than that, Darcy ends up pregnant, 
which really makes me wonder what would have happened 
had Dex not changed his mind. Would Darcy have married him anyway, 
told him that it was his child and not his friend's? 
I would assume so, Darcy is only out for herself. 
But she did mention that she and Marcus had discussed marriage 
when she confessed to Rachel at the very end, only hours after 
her engagement to Dex had been called off.

Something I liked about the book that the movie glossed over 
was the falling out between Rachel and Darcy.
In the movie they yell at each other, Darcy walks off with Marcus, 
and they see each other on the sidewalk two months later, 
both happy with their lives, a pleasant ending to an awful situation.
The book is more realistic with what happens next. 
Darcy spins the story in her favor, leaving her own infidelity out of it, 
and tells absolutely everyone she knows, tarnishing Rachel's reputation, 
which of course is to be expected when you get caught in a mess like this. 
They aren't speaking and it doesn't look like they'll be friends again 
any time soon, but Rachel and Dex are happy and together.

I'm so curious as to how Something Blue goes. 
I read the prologue that they stuck in the end of the book 
which begins with Darcy talking about how perfect she is. 
I can't wait to see how she is made likable.
From the brief retelling of her discovery of Rachel and Dex's affair 
I think it just may be possible. I also wonder if hearing the story from 
Darcy's perspective will change my opinion of Rachel.

Have you read either of these books or seen the movie? 
What did you think?


  1. I saw the movie but have since completely forgotten it, I had no idea it was book! I am adding it to my must read list :)

  2. i had no idea there was a book.. i have seen bit and pieces of the movie.. and had found Darcy so annoying and Rachel such a doormat that I never really got around to finishing the movie.

  3. Yes!!!! I've read both. You have to read Something Blue. It will actually make you kinda like Darcy....I hate to say it, but it will!

  4. I loved the book (I read it first) and really did not like the movie at all. They left way too much out and took out a lot, you're right they just "glossed over" some things that were covered in much more detail in the book.

    Let me know when you're in the city !!

  5. i saw the movie and i hated it! they both just sucked so much. i would have respected rachel so much more if she would have told the truth instead of going behind her back. but now i'm interested in the other book.


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