September 20, 2012

Something Blue

Earlier this week I finished reading Something Blue by Emily Giffin.
As a disclaimer, you may not want to continue reading
if you don't want the story spoiled for you. :)

I was so disappointed with this book.
Darcy annoyed me to no end throughout the first half of the story
as she rehashed her side of the Rachel-Dex-Marcus debacle.
She didn't come off as the same glamorous Darcy from Something Borrowed,
which is understandable as she is telling the story of her best friend's betrayal,
but disappointing because she is so much worse than everyone thinks.
At most points I felt sad for her, she actually thought that she had ruined her life,
that had it not been for her actions she and Dex would have married and lived happily
ever after together in a fancy New York apartment. By the end, she does realize that
this wasn't the case, but this realization, as well as Darcy's redemption as a
character comes a little late. Though she tries to become a better person,
it is too little too late for the reader who has already drawn the conclusion
that despite her best efforts, Darcy is shallow.

The one thing she did in all of the book that actually made me like her
was toward the end when she decided to let Ethan make his own decisions.
I wasn't thrilled with the London plot line with Ethan.
In Something Borrowed we hear about Ethan and his former wife Brandi
who had had an affair and gotten pregnant with another man's child.
Ethan married her as a result of the pregnancy, unaware of her infidelity
 and was heartbroken to find that the baby wasn't his.
As I got further into the book, I began to dread what was to come.
It was too obvious that Darcy would end up with Ethan.
That Ethan would once again, throw all of his support to a woman
pregnant with another man's child. Then to throw the reader off the trail,
two new characters enter the story: A proper English doctor boyfriend for Darcy
and a stylish Madeline-esque French girlfriend for Ethan.

There were a few things the spoiled this story for me, the first being the ending.
I like to read a happy ending as much as the next girl,
but the ending to Something Blue didn't sit well with me.
My issue was that it is too cliche, too expected, too easy.
I didn't root for Darcy and Ethan to end up together like I did with Rachel and Dex.
I didn't want Ethan to be "that guy". I wanted Darcy to learn to be self sufficient.
The second was Darcy's pregnancy.  Darcy brought this upon herself,
but that isn't enough. The girl is already down, single, virtually friendless,
unemployed, living her an unfamiliar place as a way to escape.
I understand that life can be unpredictable and
we don't get to choose certain things but come on.
Darcy having twins just solidifies that she needs help, a man to support her.
The author didn't even give her the chance to try to be a self sufficient single mom.
A third, as previously mentioned was Darcy's attitude and behavior throughout
90% of the story. She is only out for her self, rude, and blind to everything
going on around her, out blowing all her money on clothes she won't be able
to fit into in a couple of weeks instead of saving for her babies
or helping Ethan by contributing to the flat by cleaning, cooking,
buying groceries, paying rent, etc.
The fourth is somewhat insignificant, and most likely used as a tool for the
author to show how much Darcy has grown by the end of the story, but,
Rachel and Dex being married on the same day that Darcy has her babies
kind of annoyed me. Was it really necessary? And did they really need to get
engaged and married in such a short period of time? It just seems a little
ridiculous that everything should happen all at once.

Instead, I would have liked to see the story end with Darcy alone, happy and secure in her new life.
Darcy's thought process throughout her entire life was that she needed a man
to support her. I think it would have made for a stronger ending if Darcy
had been able to learn to support herself, instead of remaining an unemployed
mother of two who marries her friend/roommate/fifth grade boyfriend
who then just so happens to become and international best-selling author.

Did you read Something Blue?
What did you think of it?

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