September 27, 2012

Autumn Jackets

Lately I've been searching for the perfect lightweight jacket.
I've been needing a jacket that can be worn for those tricky temperatures
that come between the seasons, you know, since technically these days
there are only two seasons in New York - fry an egg on the sidewalk stifling 
and frozen in a block of ice. Autumn and Spring only last two weeks tops.
This year however, it has been cool but not enough to need my winter coat.
All week I've been wearing sweaters to keep warm but I'm not sure
how much longer I have before I'll need something a little warmer.

My Autumn jacket wishlist:
So far, this Elizabeth and James jacket is my favorite, but I'm
hesitant about how warm it will be. I get the feeling that it may be
more of a blazer than anything to keep warm. 
I love the draped collar and color of this Vince jacket.
 Another leather jacket from Vince.
Through my search, I've discovered that I really like
the clean lines on Vince's leather jackets.
This Joie jacket looks so cozy. 
Though I'm sure I'd think it looked too much like a robe.

1, 2, 3, 4

Unfortunately, none of these jackets are reasonably priced, hence the "wishlist".
I feel like that happens more than it should, but that is life for you.
And so the search continues...


  1. i have a few wool and tweed fall blazers that i ADORE, found at very, very low prices at some local consignment shops.... my local junior league is absolutely incredible! maybe worth a look, for something unique and in budget.

  2. That first one is my choice. Love the lines.


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