August 17, 2012

Shark Week

In honor of shark week I give you,
the great yorkshire shark.
This week we made shark fins for the dogs out of cardboard, duct tape,
and some string. Paisley liked hers until it fell off and startled her, 
Mischa will wear anything as long as you tell her how pretty she looks. 
I could tie a banana to her head and she wouldn't mind.
 Needless to say, she has thoroughly enjoyed running around
the house with a shark fin tied to her back.

This weekend JD and I are heading to Westchester for 
our friends' wedding. I can't wait to see everyone and am
very excited to get to wear my orange and pink Tibi dress again. 
I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. OMG that is the funniest/cutest thing I have ever seen!!!
    And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?
    A's Fashion Files

  2. I'm pretty sure this is the cutest little shark I have ever seen!!!!! You need to keep the fins around for Halloween!

  3. This is the cutest thing ever, mainly because I love dogs. And I love shark week too.

    I hope you have fun at the wedding this weekend! I would be excited to wear the orange and pink Tibi dress, too! The moment I read that you were wearing an orange and pink Tibi dress, I knew exactly which one you were talking about. I've had my eye on it for months!

  4. this is the greatest photo. hahahaha. cute blog! love,
    your newest follower :)

  5. ahhh so cute! don't get mad if I do the same exact thing :)

  6. that is precious!! paisley! i love that name! she can be friends with my little puppy penny!!

  7. so cute.. hope you enjoyed the wedding

  8. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

  9. Hihi, so funny! The dog looks so cute!

    Have a nice day xoxo


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