August 8, 2012

Old Favorites

My love for Rag & Bone is no secret.
It's one shop that never fails me.
If I am in need of anything, something I'll want to 
wear everyday and for years to come at that, 
something that can be worn for almost any occasion, 
Rag & Bone is the first place I'll go.
I've been a fan for quite a while,
but it all began in 2007 with this dress.
I had seen it on Sienna Miller, thought it was adorable,
but didn't know who it was by. Soon after I happened to
see it on Shopbop. The rest is history.
Dress: Rag & Bone (2007) | Shoes: Rag & Bone (2011) |
Handbag: Mulberry | Bracelets: J. Crew


  1. Firstly, love the dress. Secondly, the HANDBAG, love love love. Thirdly, the shoes are perfect! Whenever I put on a closed toe shoe with a summer dress I worry it doesn't look right but after seeing this post I am 100% confident it looks awesome!!

  2. Great casual look! Love the bag.


  3. Rag & Bone boots are a serious weakness of mine. But a great weakness, of course.

  4. haha another thing in common. i'm oBSESSED to no end with rag and bone. it's literally like half my closet. the soho store is just the best! and might i add i'm obsessed with your alexa bag :)

  5. Rag and Bone... Never heard of it, but its a cute dress :)



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