August 22, 2012


Why does August always blow by so quickly?
It's bad enough that you're already aware that it means
the end of the summer, but then it just sails by.
JD will be moving back to the city this weekend.
His first class of the semester is on Monday.
I've thoroughly enjoyed spending every day with him
this summer, and am dreading the end of this week coming.
Summer is just too short.

Last week was very busy...
JD finished his internship and had all of last week off.
We spent the week going to the beach, working on the boat
and spending as much time together as possible.
We also went to see The Campaign, which was pretty funny.
I have been reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin.
We booked Tortola for this coming December 
and are currently trying to organize a ski trip.
I made and mailed the invitations for my birthday.
Spent some time at JD's apartment in the city.
Made shark fins for the dogs.
Continued rewatching the second season of Lost.
And attended our friends' Alice and John's wedding.
Dress: Tibi | Bracelets: J. Crew
Yesterday, JD woke me up at 5:00am to go surfing.
Well, technically, I just sat on the beach and played photographer.
 Lots of photos to come!


  1. Are you having a theme party for your birthday?

  2. Gorgeous dress! xo

  3. That Tibi dress is so gorgeous! And I agree, August (and summer in general) always passes by so quickly. I hope you get to enjoy what's left of this lovely season!

  4. Some of my best memories as a kid are around the campfire too. Television/internet has really tainted our experiences, but maybe it also lets us appreciate what's real now?

  5. Ur dress is beautiful & unique!


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