August 27, 2012

Dawn Patrol

I waited for the last two weeks all summer.
For JD to be finished with his summer internship 
so we could spend all of our time together.
And now they've come and gone.

Last Tuesday morning JD woke me up at 5 something to go to the beach.
They call it "Dawn Patrol", although we did arrive after sunrise.
The beach we empty when we arrived with the exception of a few other surfers.
I sat on the sand with my camera and watched JD and his friend Nick surf all morning.
The surf was small so JD brought his longboard and Nick brought a paddle board.
 JD trying out the paddleboard.


  1. what a perfect way to spend the morning.

  2. i have to agree Hena, what a perfect way to spend the morning! the pictures are awesome. makes me want to go to the sea...

  3. You must live so close to the beach, you get to go all the time!!

  4. Your beach posts are making me want to go right now!!!!

    My boys always seem to wake up super early when we go to the beach, so we always enjoy the early morning waves and wind. Love it!


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