August 7, 2012

Bok Choy

Whenever I had a new food obsession it is safe to bet that
it came from a meal shared with JD's family, 
i.e. salmon burgers and that honey dijon dressing, yum.
They are always eating the most delicious meals.
A while back, while having dinner with them, I had bok choy.
JD's mom prepared it in soy sauce, I'm not exactly sure how,
but boy was it delicious. I couldn't stop eating it.
Since then, naturally, it's been on my mind frequently.
Outside of the city it can be difficult to get certain produce.
You'd be surprised, I certainly was when I went to buy an onion 
a few weeks ago and couldn't find a single one in the supermarket.
If basic produce is difficult to come by, you'd be hard pressed to find bok choy.
Thus I had given up hope until recently when a farmer's market opened by my house.
They have such wonderful produce and I was finally able to find it!

Since I wasn't sure how exactly JD's mom made it, I looked up 
a couple of recipes on how to cook it. None of them seemed like
what I was looking for so I made it the easiest way possible.
I suppose you could call it stir fry, but I'm not sure if it qualifies...

First you cut the bottom off of the bunch and separate and wash each stalk.
Wash them off and remove any brown spots or unpleasant looking leaves.
Most of the recipes suggested to cook the bok choy for no longer 
than 3-4 minutes as it may get too soft or too crispy. 
To cook, I added just enough olive oil to coat the pan before
adding the bok choy. I let it cook for about a minute 
and then added a little bit of soy sauce.

I ended up overcooking it just slightly at 4 minutes. 
The leaves were very wilted and the stalks were a bit too soft,
but overall it came out pretty well. I'm sure that this
is not the best way to cook bok choy, and certainly not the most
professional, but I do like to experiment with recipes here and there
and the end result was close to what I was hoping for.
I will definitely have to try it again, and perhaps,
ask JD's mom for her recipe. :)


  1. i know i've recently become obsessed with bok choy too. its' so delicious!!! only a couple more weeks til i get to move to the city and meet up with you lovely!!

  2. wow, this looks amazing. thanks, love xo


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