August 2, 2012


Tuesday night JD ran in the Marcum Workplace Challenge 5K
with his office. We arrived a little later than we had hoped,
and had a lot of trouble finding his tent office's tent.
It was the only one that didn't have a sign, and it didn't help
that most of his coworkers had already left the tent area 
to go line up for the race. We were finally able to find it,
and JD did a warm up jog to the starting line.
He started six minutes after the race began and finished
at 30:03, not having trained for it. I was extremely impressed,
though not surprised. JD was kind of a star runner in high school.
He was a little disappointed with himself, apparently
24 minutes is longer than he would have liked.
Not going to lie, I'd pass out if I ran a 5K that quickly,
but I am not a runner.

Of course, I did not get a picture of JD crossing the finish line.
I was too busy waving like an idiot and running down the barricades
to meet him while he looked for me in every other direction. 

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