July 23, 2012

The Weekend

I can't believe it's already the end of July.

Friday JD got out of work early so we packed up our things and
headed straight for Manhattan. To say that we missed it "so much" 
would even be an understatement. Though it rained a lot Friday,
we didn't mind and took a little tour of the neighborhood.
This yummy chocolate cake was waiting for us when we arrived.
 Entertaining myself while JD napped. 
I was just excited to finally be wearing my yellow necklace.

Saturday we headed all the way uptown on the East side for brunch with friends.
Two of our friends celebrate their birthdays together this time every year.
I has become somewhat of an event. Two years ago JD and I
drove twelve hours from North Carolina to make it.
Though, by the time we arrived (around midnight) no one was in
any shape to remember that we had been there.

This year we met for brunch at the Parlor Steakhouse,
which was pretty cute and very accommodating of our large group,
before heading out to Astoria to spend the afternoon at the
Bohemian Hall Beer Garden. A friend of a friend was able to 
get us the second floor balcony area for the group, which was perfect. 
We were contained so we couldn't bother anyone else
and there was plenty of space to walk around and catch up
with friends we haven't seen in too long.
View from the balcony.

This week, I am planning to get back on track with this blog.
I know that I have been ignoring it quite a bit this month.
I'm working on few outfit posts and recipes and perhaps a new look.
I hope you had a lovely weekend!


  1. Love the necklace! Sounds like a great weekend.

  2. Just found your blog and I am now following you! I love your necklace! :)


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