July 9, 2012

Our Story...

I met JD three days into college.
I was outside for a fire drill, he was returning from class.
We had gone to the same high school but never crossed paths until then.
We got to talking and ended up going to the dining hall together for dinner.
Talking to JD was so easy, we had so much in common.
That first dinner was probably the longest amount of time either of us
spent in the campus dining hall. The food was just awful.
We dated on and off throughout our freshman year and
on July 9, 2006 JD asked me to be his girlfriend. 

Our story is not perfect, there have been plenty of
ups and downs and we are better for them.
It's difficult to believe that it has already been six years.

And now a flashback in photos
Camping, Summer 2006
Fire Island, Summer 2007
Tortola, New Years 2008

Sedona, Winter 2009
Virginia, October 2010
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, July 2011
Newport, July 2012
JD, you are my best friend. I love you.
Happy Anniversary, Darling.


  1. You guys are a cute couple! I love your bracelet in the last picture! I am trying to make a knock off of it to sell with my other jewelry on my blog. Anyway, happy anniversary!



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