July 3, 2012

Niagara Falls, Canada

While we were up in upstate New York for Ned and Lana's 
wedding we took the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls and Canada.
JD and I were a little disappointed that they did not stamp our passports
at the border. I guess we'll have to fly the next time we visit Canada.

The falls were breathtaking, the surrounding area, super touristy as expected.
We walked around, took lots of pictures, visited the massive gift shop in the welcome center, 
and had lunch at a restaurant called The Keg, which overlooked the falls. 
Maid of the Mist
 I can't imagine going on that boat. It looks so tiny in comparison.
 View from lunch at The Keg.

On a side note,
my outfit was a bit of a mess.
I was not expecting it to be as chilly as it was. :)


  1. first you outfit is totally ok!
    secondly, i love these photos!! Makes me want to visit the niagara falls. ...but it's sooo far away.

  2. these pictures are breathtaking. i can't believe i've never been--you've totally convinced me that i need to go when i get back to NYC. and your outfit is adorable and not even one bit of a mess :)

  3. I love the Falls! Your pics are fantastic. xA

  4. Wow these photos are absolutely stunning. I would love to go there.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Gotta go there some day :)



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