July 11, 2012

Newport, RI

JD and I had such a lovely time in Newport.
And yes, I did recite lines from High Society every now and then.
It's just too much fun saying "are you having a wonderful time?"

Some things we did in Newport...

The tall ships were in town so we were pretty excited since we had missed them 
both weekends when they were in New York and Greenport.
I took style cues from Grace Kelly.
 We shared a frozen lemonade from Del's, which could be found just about anywhere.
We went for a stroll around the neighborhood

and discovered that the stone structure is an old mill.

For lunch we got sandwiches from Rosemary & Thyme and had a picnic at Second Beach.
 Before dinner we walked down to the harbor to watch the sun set.

This happened...

Then on Sunday we went to see some mansions and walked along the Cliff Walk.
(This is the top of the main gate at The Breakers)


  1. what a totally cute post, love the photos makes me miss Hamburg a little bit
    i love spending time in the wind at the sea...


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