July 31, 2012


What a fun month July has been!
I'm sad to see it go.

July in photos :)
Only in New England.

This month we...
 saw some fireworks, celebrated our six year anniversary, 
visited Newport, attended my cousin's engagement party where 
we attempted to send off Chinese lanterns only to have
them land on the roof or immediately crash into the bay,
we sailed, experienced a major heat wave, ate pancakes,
saw a perfect (and double) horizon to horizon rainbow,
terribly missed and visited Manhattan, celebrated a couple 
of friends' birthdays with brunch and a beer garden,
my cousin Melissa visited from Arizona, I met JD for a lunch date,
played with some puppies, did some work on our new/old sailboat,
went to the beach, and my dear friend Kaitlin came for a visit.

I hope that you had a wonderful July!


  1. But hopefully August will be even better!

  2. wow looks like your having an amazing summer!!!

  3. Beautiful photos!

  4. oh my god i want those pancakes!! and i love that picture with the sailboat!

  5. What a fun filled month! I had to laugh a little bit about the Chinese lanterns fiasco. Sometimes mother nature doesn't cooperate during those special occasions.


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