July 18, 2012

Another Beach Picnic

Last week JD and I drove out to the beach for a picnic, again.
It's my favorite thing to do in the evenings during the summer,
sit in the sand and watch the sun set over the dunes.
The only problem with this is that once the sun sets the bugs come out. 
And to those awful bugs, I must be the most delicious thing in the world 
because I am always the first one to get attacked.
 I even got bit on the bottom of my foot!

 Last week in an attempt to repel them we built a small fire
to sit around while we finished up our picnic.
It worked of course, and took days for 
the smell of campfire to wash out of my hair.

After dinner, JD experimented with the camera and the fire light.
While taking them he kept saying "how creepy" they looked.
I kind of like them.


  1. Hello! Your blog are very interesting! You are nice! If you dont mind? lets follow each other!

  2. how fun, i love campfires, these pics are actually really cool


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