June 4, 2012

Weekend & Prim

Well, I am officially US Sailing certified!
And I still feel like I'm on a boat. Not the most pleasant feeling.
While I've never gotten seasick on a boat, I do tend to feel wobbly after the fact.
I'm hoping this stops by tomorrow.

This weekend went quickly. We spent all day Saturday sailing,
then Sunday we sailed most of the day before a nasty storm rolled in.
I'm thinking all of that rough water is the cause of my prolonged wobbling.
JD and I are already planning to relax and not do too much next weekend.
This week is a different story. I will certainly be busy.

One of those things will be helping Prim.
(Stop judging me, I just finished the Hunger Games.)
Prim has been living in JD's garage for a couple of months.
We believe she belonged to an elderly woman who lived down the street
who had passed away over the winter, right around the time Prim first appeared.
She is very sweet and friendly. There is no question in my mind that she
was someone's indoor house pet. I truly feel horrible for her
and wish that I could take her in myself, but apparently,
I am the only non-allergic person living in my house.
JD's grandmother won't have her, and he and his sisters will
be moving out again at the end of the summer anyway for school.
JD cannot bring her back to the city with him.

She needs a good, loving home.
I do not want her to end up in a shelter.
So this week, I am planning to take her to the doctor,
have her checked and find out more about her.
Then hopefully, we can find her a new home.

If you live in the Long Island/New York City area,
or anywhere on the East Coast really and want to adopt her,
or know of someone who might want to adopt her,
please, let me know.

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