June 14, 2012


Vintage means different things to different people.
I tend to look at it from more of a historical perspective.
Stepping into a vintage shop can be like walking right into a time capsule.
Though, pieces from my favorite points in Western History generally
no longer exist outside of museums and attics in Paris that
have long been forgotten about.

Over the weekend, I found a couple of vintage shops by accident,
one of which sold only old jewelry and purses. I always like to go in
and have a look around but I will never buy anything.
JD pointed this out and we had a little discussion about it.
You know how they say that a used engagement ring will bring you bad luck,
that it is cursed? Well that is kind of how I feel about vintage things.
It's not that I think the pieces are bad luck or cursed, but instead haunted.
They were created for and have seen an entirely different world.
I just can't shake the feeling that these things weren't meant for me to have.
It's true that they weren't. They are relics of another time.
JD on the other hand, doesn't see the problem with giving them
a new life. This is the popular opinion of course, and I used to
 think so too before my first visit to a vintage shop.

Two winters ago when I was preparing for my trip to London,
I compiled a list of places to go, sights to see, shops to visit, and restaurants to dine at.
I'm not quite sure how I came across it, but one way or another I found 
Annie's Vintage in Islington. I checked their website, which featured  
a dazzling beaded dress from the 1920's, and immediately knew that I needed 
to visit while in London. It was not an option.
We planned a day where we would explore Islington. 
After lunch, we found Annie's, tucked away down a gray brick road
with other vintage clothing and furniture shops scattered about the surrounding streets. 
I stepped inside the tiny shop a little nervous and excited, 
not entirely sure what I would find. To my right sat a basket of scarves 
with paper tags attached dating them from the 1920s to 1970s, 
to my left stood racks of dresses and fur capelets, and against the back wall
hanging above a counter filled with vintage jewels were
the beaded dresses that I dream of.

My eye caught a pretty blue scarf and plucked it from the basket,
running the smooth silk through my fingers. Handwritten on the attached
paper tag read "circa 1920s" with the price printed neatly beneath it.
It was beautiful and reasonably priced. Anyone who knows me knows
how much I love scarves. I stood there, mulling it over but it just didn't feel right.
You know when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach
and you just know what you are supposed to do?
I can still feel it just thinking about it.
It wasn't meant for me. It was that simple.

Since then, I have visited several shops but have always left empty handed.
I'm sure that if I found something really spectacular I would have to
buy it, but most of the time, I feel weird/uncomfortable,
like I'm picking through other people's once loved belongings.


  1. This is a very interesting perspective! I own several vintage dresses, pieces of jewelry, and scarves-but I will say, sometimes when I try things on-I will look in the mirror and they look good, but I suddenly don't feel like it's "me"-so I understand the uncomfortable, weirdness that you can feel in your stomach when it's not right.


    Erin @

  2. I haven't shopped vintage in a long time because of exactly the same way you feel...

  3. just stumbled upon your blog, very cute! already love it.



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