June 11, 2012

Down by the River

I've been busy.
With what? I couldn't tell you.
It feels like I haven't stopped running in circles since 
JD came "home" for the summer about two weeks ago.
This weekend was out first free weekend where we could 
do whatever we wanted, so we took the opportunity
 to go back to Manhattan.

We arrived at JD's apartment Friday evening,
dropped our bags off and went out for a drink.
My new favorite is called a French 75.
The recipe calls for champagne, gin, lime juice, and simple syrup.
They say Hemingway used to be a fan, it's easy to understand why.
It's absolutely delicious and strong. 
Even JD, who doesn't care for gin, loves them.

Saturday morning we slept in for the first time in weeks
and spent the afternoon suit shopping for JD.
We watched the Belmont Stakes back at the apartment and
met up with JD's friend Liz for drinks later in the evening.

On Sunday we decided to be lazy,
having brunch outside at Extra Virgin
before going down to the river.
We brought a blanket and some magazines
and watched the boats go by under the shade of a tree.
It was lovely. I'm so happy that our weekends
can be sweet and relaxing without
JD having to study or get his school work done.
my neon pink sandals.
the view from under our tree.
 a very large sailboat.

I hope that you enjoyed the weekend!


  1. LOVE those pink flats and these shots of the river! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

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  2. I'd love to try anything Hemingway was a fan of, sounds delish!

  3. looks like a lovely weekend! love your sandals and your picture of that sailboat makes me miss the water!


    Erin @


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