May 10, 2012

Up All Night

Every now and then I have some pretty crazy dreams.
Last Friday night I fell asleep on the wrong side of the bed,
which basically meant that I was doomed to have a bad night's sleep.
Little did JD know that I was going to torture him as well.
I laugh in my sleep every now and then.
Sometimes I wake myself up, other times someone else does.
When I was little my mom used to assume I was up playing in my room
and would come in to tell me to go back to sleep, 
except that is precisely what I was already doing, sleeping.

Some time around 3:00am, 
JD shook my shoulder and asked if I was okay.
Apparently I had been cracking up to the point where 
I was making a stifled snorting sound. How extremely flattering.
I then mumbled something about Jimmy Fallon singing Beastie Boys with
someone that neither of us can seem to remember, 
but I'm sure that was the funny part, and then fell back to sleep.

Some time after 4:00am I was woken up again,
but this time JD was less pleased and/or concerned.
I opened my eyes to find myself with arms completely extended,
palms flat against his back as he had been laying on his side,
with JD anchoring himself on the nightstand so he wouldn't go over the edge.
I had a nightmare where he had lice and as I was trying to wash it out of his hair
in the bathroom sink but they were jumping off his head and swarming around the room.
Luckily, I have never had the displeasure of experiencing lice, or how they behave,
so I have absolutely no idea if the dream lice were an accurate representation.
Judging by their wasp like behavior I'm going to guess that it's not.
Naturally, the best way of stopping them was to attempt to push JD off the bed.

We had a good laugh about it in the morning, 
but I still feel bad for keeping us both up all night with my dream antics.


  1. laughing in your sleep--your adorable haha, and ill definitely check out Billys when i get back to NYC!


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