May 8, 2012


Saturday there was supposed to be the "super moon", the biggest moon of the year.
After my Moroccan victory dinner we retreated to JD's apartment
and watched two episodes of Lost, struggling to stay awake until 11:30pm
so we could go outside and look at it.

On a side note,
John Locke has been so sinister from the beginning.
I'm really curious as to why I thought he was just a nice
older gentleman the first time around.
Clearly, it's designed so that you don't want to trust him.
 I've also noticed that Hurley is much better suited than
anyone else to... well you know. ;)

We lead such exciting lives, really, it's hard to keep up with.
It is finals week for JD after all.

After much convincing, I put on real pants and we walked down to the river.
I was this close to wearing my leggings outside, in Manhattan, on a Saturday night. 

Sadly it was too cloudy to even see much of downtown, no supermoon sightings.
But JD, got some pretty cool photos of downtown and New Jersey from across the river.
The sky had an eerie reddish brown quality to it that was only magnified by the camera.
 I think this photo has such a haunting quality.


  1. awesome shots anyways! Sad that you missed the super moon :( i posted a shot of what I saw yesterday :)
    xo dana

  2. great pics!! thank u so much for sharing this post =)

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! You have me craving a trip to Manhattan.

    Klury Blog

  4. At least you got amazing photos :)

  5. cute pics. waitin for a super moon :) and lovely post


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