May 16, 2012

Modern Art

I would never classify myself as a modern art kind of girl.
I'm much more into traditional forms of artwork.
 You know, a horse that looks like a horse and not a severely distorted 
interpretation of one that you wouldn't be able to decipher 
if it weren't for the little plaque nailed to the wall next to it, 
telling you that it is indeed supposed to be a horse.
But this weekend, I may have formed a new appreciation for it.

On Saturday, I met up with my friend Dee and we walked around
the city together, had lunch at Eataly, and went to see a few art exhibits, 
the first of which was a new sculpture installation in Madison Square Park.
It was called "Pet Sounds" by artist Charles Long.
Basically, a series of different colored pipes wound through the park to 
a central area where all of the sculptures sat connected to their pipe.
Each sculpture looked like it could possibly have been intended to
be some sort of animal, but when you touched each sculpture
it would make contradictory sounds and/or vibrations.
 Dee and what I thought was meant to be a bird, but instead it made cricket noises.
I thought this resembled a whale was was surprised to find that it did make ocean sounds.
Definitely thought of this one as an elephant.
If you touched the top it screeched like a hawk,
if you touched the bottom it sang.

There were a lot of kids at the park, and they all seemed to love the sculptures.
And the strangest thing was that I really liked them too.
It was interesting to first look at them and make all the wrong assumptions.
The "elephant" was my favorite. Since it made such a loud hawk screech, 
occasionally people would look to the sky, forgetting it was just a sculpture.


  1. Beautiful art. Love the Elephant one also.

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  2. i've never really been into modern art, these look pretty cool though!!!


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