May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I kept busy this Memorial Day Weekend.
Saturday and Sunday JD and I started the first half of our sailing course.
I really love sailing and since we are hoping to get a boat, 
we figured it would be good to take a course, learn everything
 that we need to know about sailing, and get certified to rent in the meanwhile.
Neither of us are in the position to buy a sailboat,
 especially not the kind I dream of. 

We arrived at the Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay 
at 9am each morning and finished up at 5pm.
The weather on Sunday afternoon was not ideal. 
While practicing man overboard drills the wind died entirely.
I thought we were going to need to be towed back in to the mooring.
Eventually it pick up the slightest bit, enough to move us along at a slow crawl.
It was a good lesson though, to see what to do when you get stuck without a motor.
We each took turns paddling and sipping water as the sun beat down 
on us for about an hour. Once we got close enough to the mooring 
we rocked the boat side to side to help propel us forward.
It was a lesson that I won't soon forget. 
It will go right into the collection of memories 
of experiences I wouldn't like to repeat.
a photo from last summer of a boat passing by. I definitely would not mind having one like it.
Sunday night JD and I caught up on our Lost watching. 
We're getting closer to finished up the first season.
It amazes me how much of an obvious choice Hurley was.
Jack was always so awful at getting everyone on the same side. 
He was the kind of character that never wanted the role he found himself in, 
but did it anyway because he was "chosen". I guess since the other characters chose him, 
we thought that they must be right, that Jack was destined to take over for Jacob.
Those writers really did know what they were doing, at least in the first season. 
I remember some really crazy things happening in later seasons 
that I would still like an explanation for. But as of right now, 
I do see a very clear parallel between the beginning and the ending.
After spending two full days in the sun, I couldn't conjure up
any enthusiasm to go to the beach yesterday. I'm not cut out for this weather.
It's not the heat so much as the humidity that hangs heavy in the air, 
making it difficult to breathe, that bothers me.
There is a point every year when it gets really hot all of a sudden 
and I wonder how I will manage it. Will I ever get used to it
 or feel like I'm suffocating until the first burst of cool October air?
It's funny because I remember taking this very differently as a child.
I was in elementary school, and at recess I would step outside onto the 
playground, the air heavy and thick, and I welcomed it.
After all, it meant that summer was coming
and school would soon be over.

So instead, yesterday I went to my Uncle's house 
to pick up my mother's old bicycle so that JD and 
I can start going for bike rides together.
I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

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