May 31, 2012


May was a busy month for me. 

A lot happened. 
I picked the derby and preakness winner,
missed the super moon, tried a new hairstyle, 
finished reading the last Hunger Games book,
saw a few art exhibits and visited Eataly for the first time,
took a couple of long walks around Manhattan,
 saw my cousin playing guitar on a fifty foot screen, 
got a parking ticket for completely missing the sign that said "Sundays Only",
took the first part of a sailing course,
sort of adopted a cat that lives in JD's family's garage,
and finally, watched the peonies bloom in my backyard.

May in photos..

I hope you've had a wonderful month!


  1. oooh what a busy, happy month of May. Awesome pictures by the way. Oh and I love that picture of your hair.

  2. I love these shots, looks like you had a great month. Here's to an even better june!

    xo Gillie

  3. your pictures of new york made me smile :) i miss it! and my green top is elizabeth & james :)


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