May 23, 2012

Little Owl

Both this week and last have been extremely busy for me
so please excuse my lack of posts as of late.

Saturday night once we arrived back in the city I was finally hungry.
The day had been filled with so much excitement, and porta-potties, 
that I didn't really eat or drink very much during the day.
We decided to go to Cornelia Street, an old favorite, and bypassed
busy Bleecker by taking a stroll down quiet Bedford.
There sat Little Owl on the corner, my current favorite restaurant,
the wooden bench outside empty under the warm glow of the streetlight.
This never happens. (It was around 10pm by this point.)
I've only been to Little Owl a handful of times and each time the wait has been insane.
The food is delicious, I would be right there with the people willing to wait
two hours just to sample their delicious lamb dish.
We both looked across the street a little surprised. It couldn't hurt to check the wait,
so we crossed the street and asked the hostess who then informed us
it would only be 15 minutes for a table for two. We put our name in. 
The hostess then advised that we could have a seat on the bench and 
asked if we would we prefer red or white wine while we waited,
but not to worry, she would bring it to us in tea cups so as not to stir suspicion.
A few more couples arrived a few minutes after we did, while we were happily sitting 
with our tea cups of complimentary wine. We had arrived perfectly on time. 
Ten minutes later we were seated at a table by the window.
I ordered the American lamb t-bones, rare, with watercress salad and 
potato gruyere fonduta. JD had a sea scallop special. 
I highly recommend the lamb if you have dinner at Little Owl,
absolutely delicious. I dream about it between visits.
It's that good.
If you stop by for brunch, I recommend anything that comes with
the brussel sprout home fries. It sounds a little weird,
mostly because of the stigma children's programming seems to have 
inflicted on brussel sprouts, but I can't get enough of it.

*please excuse the very dark and somewhat blurry iPhone pictures :)

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