May 6, 2012

I'll Have Another

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby.
JD and I didn't realize this until we stopped in a bar called Firefly 
for a drink and snack before dinner after walking around SoHo all afternoon.
To make things a little interesting, we decided to bet each other for dinner.
We looked through the horses on the website and each picked one.
The deal was whoever's horse placed higher would get treated to dinner.
JD knew right off the bat that Gemologist was his horse.
I was a little less certain. I liked three horses from their pictures,
Union Rags, Sabercat, and I'll Have Another.

Since it would be unfair for me to have three horses,
I wrote the names of the horses down on a piece of paper,
crumpled them up, shook them around in cupped hands, 
and rolled them out onto the table. 
The slip of crumpled paper I chose read I'll Have Another.

It was settled.
Gemologist vs. I'll Have Another.
Winner gets dinner.

And they were off. Gemologist had a good start
but I'll Have Another snuck up on the others and won the race.
I was stunned.

I should probably mention that this is the second year in a row
that I've chosen the winning horse. Perhaps I should start placing actual bets?

My victory dinner was had at Cafe Mogador,
an amazing Moroccan restaurant in the East Village.

There's more to share from the weekend,
and maybe even an outfit post of two lined up so stay tuned. :)


  1. cute blog you have here. love your red celine and if you took photos from the Moroccan restaurant, do take some pics. I am going to Morocco this fall and am curious to find out about their cuisine.

  2. that's such a fun little story. it cracks me up. good thing you put your money on i'll have another! somewhere inside you knew he was a winner. ; ) xo.


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