May 1, 2012

Date Night

Since Italy, JD and I haven't really gone out to eat too much.
It's been nice to stay in and cook and keep costs down since one of us
lost her mind in Celine and nearly blew our summer plans 
of possibly acquiring a small sailboat.

Saturday evening we went to dinner at Tiny's, which was 
coincidentally appropriate because it just so happens to be owned by 
Henrik Lundqvist and JD had been to the Rangers game earlier in the day.
(Incase you do not know, the Rangers won the game)

Tiny's was absolutely adorable.
We arrived a little early for our reservation so we went
to The Bar Upstairs. Yes, that's really what it's called!
The drinks were delicious. We both had Dark and Stormys
and discovered that ours aren't quite the same since we
haven't been adding mashed up ginger and lime.

We were seated upstairs for dinner as well.
There are only handful of tables upstairs and the chairs look like 
they may have been repurposed from grade schools classrooms.
It does make for some interesting people watching.
Take a glance around the room and you're bound to notice
that average sized people look a bit silly sitting on such tiny chairs.
But hey, the place is called "Tiny's" so I guess it makes sense.

We sat against the window under an old tin ceiling with peeling paint.
The walls were exposed brick and painted white. I loved it.
I'm a sucker for old buildings, it's the history major in me.

The food was delicious!
JD had the hanger steak with spinach and potatoes.
I ordered the homemade vermicelli with pesto and potatoes
and desperately tried not to splatter it all over my pretty white top.

You'll be happy to know that I was successful at this.
Maybe it's just me but I tend to get a little paranoid when I'm wearing white. 
I'm the one who usually gets something spilled on. 
The last time I wore this top, a friend spilled a glass
of scotch on my lap and the pleating at the bottom of my shirt.

For dessert we shared a carrot cheesecake with 
elderflower infused whipped cream. It was amazing.

Bottom line,
if you should find yourself in TriBeCa,
you should visit pay Tiny's a visit!
My view from the window.
My cute dinner companion :)
My outfit.

Top: Reiss, Pants, Shoes, and Bracelet: J. Crew
Nails: Essie's Mint Candy Apple


  1. this is great, i love dining in new york, ill have to check it out! i haven't been to tortola before, any tips would be great! deff let me know if you move into the city!!


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