April 23, 2012


Friday night JD and I continued watching Lost
and ate our weight in peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's.
I love their chocolate. The milk chocolate truffle bar is so delicious!

Saturday we slept in a bit and walked around the village.
Since it was so nice out (70 degrees and sunny!) we decided to have drinks outside.
One of the things I miss about Italy is the abundance of cute little wine bars
to sit and have a snack and a glass of wine in the afternoon.
Luckily for us, Manhattan doesn't seem to have a 
shortage of cute places with outdoor seating. 
We settled on a Mexican place that we walk by all the time,
but when we got there our street view was obstructed by the crew trucks for Californication.
I still think the movie/television sets are exciting to walk by,
but JD is more frustrated by them than impressed.
They often shoot Law & Order in his neighborhood and by his school.
A few weeks ago they had the front entrance blocked off causing him to be late to class.

Saturday evening we had our friend Kaitlin over for dinner.
JD and I made a delicious white fish with orange, lemon, and butter,
and served it with risotto and eggplant cooked in cinnamon and clove.
Kaitlin took this lovely picture of the table.

Sunday morning/afternoon we watched a couple more episodes of Lost... 
we are addicted, and ordered falafels to be delivered since it had started raining.
Both of us feel incredibly guilty and lazy for doing so.

In the evening I went to see my cousin's band play a show in Farmingdale.
They are competing to open for Bon Jovi at this year's Bamboozle.
These guys are so talented. Their band is called This Good Robot.
Check them out here if you like.

I hope that you had a happy weekend!


  1. My husband and I were just saying we need to re-watch Lost. Great blog!

  2. oh. my goodness. my husband and i spent this last summer glued to tv watching lost after moving to was a prettyyyyy swell way to start married life. i'm sure we'd have been eating trader joe's treats too, if they had them down here. it's kind of a crime against humanity to not have trader joe's in a major metropolitan area.

    love your cute blog!

  3. I love being able to have drinks on a patio or outdoors.

    xo erica

  4. Amazing pics, love this post.



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