April 27, 2012

Puppy Friday

Friday is the most dangerous day of the week at my office.

Every Friday, the news station that works out of the first floor of
my building does a segment on a local animal shelter.
The shelter brings in a few pups to be featured,
and it is all anyone can do but try not to take one home.
Many of my coworkers have resorted to using the back door
to avoid all of the cuteness in the lobby.
I call it "Puppy Friday".

It's wonderful if you can adopt a pet from a shelter,
they need good homes and I wish that I could help them all.
But we already have two puppies at home,
and they are quite the troublemakers.
They like to redecorate the living room while we're out,
meaning that we come home and all of the pillows and blankets
have been pushed onto the floor, their places on the couches
having been replaced by squeakies and bones.
Mischa in her bed with her toys all lined up.

This morning I got to pet the sweetest St. Bernard mix.
He was five months old with huge paws and already bigger than Paisley
(my sister's cute American Bulldog). He tried to follow me
up the stairs to the second floor when I left.
My heart broke a little.

This weekend is one of my best friend's birthdays
so it will be filled with fun birthday festivities including
a brunch on Sunday. I cannot wait!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. lovely :)

  2. haha, aw! that does sound pretty irresistible.

  3. Aww so cute! I love puppies, they are adorable! At my work we always have Champagne Friday!

  4. Oh gosh. She is too cute for words. And seriously - puppies in the lobby? I would take the back door, too. Our bulldog is enough trouble as it is!

  5. How sweet! My heart would have broken too. Puppy love is the best.

    Paisley is an adorable name! I wish I had thought of that when we got our pup :)

    Speaking of which, my dog loves to scatter every last one of her toys across our living room too. It's funny how they are with those things!


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