April 18, 2012


Two weekends ago JD and I started re-watching the first season of Lost.

JD and I were big fans while the show was on and
quite obviously, we had a lot of questions.
Like clockwork every week, someone would yell 
"I hate this show" at the tv by the second commercial break.

I was convinced halfway through that the writers had no idea what they were doing.
This show could not possibly be going in any sort of direction, could it?
For months following the series finale, I was still trying to make sense of it all.
You know, you get hung up on the little things. Like the polar bear for example.

Going back and re-watching it, 
knowing what happens throughout the story and how it ends,
you start to wonder why you were so confused in the first place.
The amount of foreshadowing is ridiculous,
but I suppose that we didn't know it was foreshadowing at the time.

In the second episode, John Locke holds up two backgammon pieces,
one white, one black and explains to Walt that it is
a five-thousand year old game between dark and light.
In the second episode, John Locke sums up the entire plot of the series.
Then, a few episodes later, they find similar pieces in the pocket of "Eve".
And we were too distracted by polar bears and smoke monsters
 and Sawyer hoarding everything to notice.
I'm very interested to see how many "unanswered questions"
we will have once we finish the first season.
I have a feeling we'll be smacking our hands to our heads,
saying something along the lines of, "Really?! Were we even paying attention?"
And the sad answer will be yes because 
back in college we watched Lost in perfect silence.


  1. Lovely blog.


  2. i really want to start watching lost...

  3. Que, thank you!

    Sienna, you definitely should if you have the time! It's very addicting!

  4. I have never seen an episode...but it's crazy the things you don't notice the first time.

    xo erica


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