April 10, 2012


Not much has been going on around here lately.

The weekend before last JD and I found a British imports store on Hudson 
that sells Old Jamaica ginger beer. We bought a case. :)
I'm beyond excited about it!

This past weekend I bought a life jacket for the kayak, and sailing.
Picking one was quite a process. If you are going to spend the money,
you should get something that is perfect, exactly what you're looking for right?
We went to three stores to look. After the first store I had an idea of what I wanted.
By the second store I was certain. I wanted a side zip vest designed for a lady.
At the first two stores I had tried on ladies front zip vests by Stohlquist.
I really liked how they fit and they have built in cups so it doesn't squash you,
but I had trouble with the front zip. Personally, I find the side zip easier.
By the time we got to the third store I think JD was a little tired of it.
The shop had side zip vests for men, but none for ladies.
The gentleman who was helping us said that he could order 
a vest for me if they didn't carry it in the store.
The only problem was that we were starting to doubt whether 
what I wanted existed or not. It wasn't looking good.

When we got home I googled.
Apparently, ladies do not like side zip life jackets because they mess up their hair.
Stohlquist stopped making the vest I wanted in 2010 because ladies
decided they would rather deal with a front zip than knock out their ponytail.
Go figure.

I found a shop in Washington that still carries the vest.
And it was on sale :)

It should be here by the end of the week.


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