April 20, 2012

The Hunger Games

Happy Friday!!!

I don't know about you,
but I am certainly ready for this week to be over.
I've been extremely busy all week.

One thing I have found some time to do is read.
I love to read. But I haven't found a book I've been interested in in a long time.
The last book I forced myself to read was The Paris Wife.
It had been recommended to me, had rave reviews
and made the New York Times Best Sellers list.
I trusted these opinions and began reading.
It started nice enough but got ugly pretty quickly.
Who wants to read about a relationship falling apart
in one of the most unpleasant ways?
I seriously had to force myself to finish it.

A few weeks ago I saw The Hunger Games.
(I'm aware that it is a little late for a post on this, 
but I've decided to jump on the bandwagon anyway)
While I liked the movie, I felt that it was missing something.
I didn't fully understand what was going on and I completely
missed there part where there was supposed to be a love triangle.
So this week I read the book... I have one chapter left to go.
I tend to do that with books that I really like. 
I blow through them and then stretch the ending out 
for a long as possible because I don't want to let go of the story.
Yesterday, I ordered the next two books.
And today during lunch, I plan to finish the last chapter.

Reading The Hunger Games has been very helpful for understanding the movie.
I now have a good sense of why things were shot the way they were.
The acting, general plot line, the flashbacks, all of it makes sense now.
Not that I had a terrible amount of trouble grasping the plot line in the first place.
But when a book is heavily based on the narration of the main character,
you hear every thought that passes through Katniss' head,
it can be difficult to bring to life on the screen.
You know, because the actress must keep up Katniss' unreadable expression
while also convincing the audience that she is having all of these internal conflicts.
That was mostly what I missed in the movie.
I could only guess how she was feeling since I didn't know.

I would definitely like to go and watch the movie again,
see if I like it better with the additional information.
I bet I would.

Did you see the movie and/or read the book?
What did you think?


  1. I have so many friends saying the movie and books are amazing. I've yet to pick up the book, but I know I want to check it out before I see the movie!
    I've been focused on my own writing lately, but I really need to catch up on some new books! :)

  2. I would definitely recommend reading the book first :)

    And I should probably be focusing more on my own writing... I am currently cringing reading over all the typos in this post.

  3. I saw the movie and loved it but, after reading your post, I'll definitely pick up the book. Great post - I'm a huge reader and always appreciate book suggestions.


  4. I read the book first and loved the movie...i cannot wait for the next one!!!!

  5. I seriously need to start reading again. It's been about a year for me!

    xo erica

  6. I thought the movie was good, but definitely tough to follow. I am now following along and just so you know, your red Celine bag is not ridiculous. It is infinitely awesome!


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