April 25, 2012

A friendly reminder

Yesterday morning a song I used to know popped into my head
 out of the blue on my ride to work. It wasn't a popular song,
but back in the day my friends and I knew it well.
I haven't listened to it in years. But then there it was.
At first only my favorite verse came back to me,
and I sat there wondering where I knew it from,
and why it suddenly came to me.

I guess it reminded me of The Hunger Games.
I've been flying through the second book,
and was thinking of Katniss' current predicament,
which I will not spoil for those of you who haven't read it
just yet but may intend to in the future.
I have a feeling that I know exactly where the story is going, 
but you never know, now do you? Not until you get to the end.
Regardless, I don't like knowing what is going to happen next
in a story and it was bugging me a little.
So yes, I was thinking about it on my way in to work.

Throughout the day, little pieces of the song filtered in
from my memories. I could identify the band it was by,
(Brand New) but I didn't want to resort to google just yet.
I thought that maybe if I remembered enough of the words
that I could figure it out on my own.

At the end of the day I still hadn't figured it out,
though I did remember most of the lyrics and
to my surprise they actually go quite well with the story.
Then I remembered that often, Brand New songs
do not include the title of the song in the lyrics,
or make very much sense at all.

So I broke down and resorted to google.
The song is called "The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot".

Just a friendly reminder that you're getting older.
(or that you should exercise your brain a bit more)
Something pops into your head and you spend the entire day
trying to figure out what the hell it is before you have to 
cave and consult "the google".

Aging is a funny thing,
it's like they say in Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen,
and I am going to paraphrase so please excuse me.

When you are a kid you know your age down to the day.
You're six and three quarters.
The older you get, the more thought goes into it.

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