March 4, 2012

Weekend View

We leave for VENICE on Thursday.
I cannot wait!

This weekend JD and I did some planning for our trip, which I feel like I have so much to do for.
There is a good amount of packing to do since I like putting a little thought into my outfits.
I got a new memory card for my camera and a new squeaky for the puppy.

Yesterday was spent wandering around the city. We picked up some travel books,
reminded ourselves why we don't go uptown on the weekends, 
and ate chocolate mousse cups from Rocco's for dessert.
This morning we went to brunch at a cute little place 
we found yesterday called Bell, Book & Candle.

From the pictures it looks like we did a lot of eating.
Good thing we will be walking it off by the end of the week. :)
salmon burger with a honey and mustard sauce
a few months ago, or maybe longer at this point, we started making our own pancakes from scratch
corned beef hash with poached eggs served in a skillet
banana, caramel & almond french toast


  1. You look like you had a lovely weekend! And everything in this post looks yummy!


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