March 27, 2012

Silly Birds

Last Thurdsay morning, the day after my mother left for Italy,
(she is currently on the same trip I just returned from!)
I had just finished my shower and went to go downstairs
when I heard a knocking sound coming from downstairs.
Mischa, the courageous beast that she is wouldn't go 
any further than the first step on the staircase.
I listened again and could still hear it. 
It wasn't a constant sound, it stopped and started again.
 One thud at a time, with almost an echo after impact.
Like knocking on the glass of a storm window.

Curiously, I went into the kitchen and looked around.
With another thud my attention was pulled to the dining room.
And there it was, fluttering in the window, a little brown body
with a peach belly furiously attacking it's reflection in the glass.

Last Spring/Summer we had a problem where a robin had
seen his reflection in the glass of the dining room window and 
became obsessed with banishing his intruder from the area.
Once he got tired of defending the dining room,
he moved to the tree out front and smacked
into the passenger side window of my car a few times.
And now he is back to reclaim his space.

Apparently, this is quite common.
Though sad, because sometimes these crazy birds 
have been known to die in the process.

This weekend was very busy, mostly spent running around.
Saturday morning I made french toast with cinnamon bread
from the Milleridge Bakery, so delicious!

Then we went to pick up my new, old kayak!
JD's mom was kind enough to donate this one to me
since they have several others and haven't used this one in a while.
I cannot wait to get this thing in the water!

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