March 29, 2012

Photos from Firenze

Florence was an entirely different experience than Venice.
Here we took a lot less pictures of buildings and more of
the sweeping cities views from the tops of the surrounding hills.
Part of San Miniato al Monte.
View from San Miniato al Monte.
View from the Boboli Gardens.
The Duomo, of course. 
You can see it from almost every point in the city!
I really enjoyed our time in Florence,
but I do wish that we had taken a little day trip to Siena.
Perhaps the next time I find myself in Italy.


  1. Beautiful shots!
    I've been to Florence about 6 years ago and loved it. Now that I saw your pictures I would like to go back as soon as I possibly can. :)

  2. Thank you Nora. I would definitely recommend going back!


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