March 24, 2012

Oh look, a fish!

The morning of the day we left for Italy I went to the bookstore
and bought a little poppy red moleskine to bring with me to record our trip.
As a writer, it's always good to have a notebook on hand 
to capture any ideas that come to mind.
And since I somehow managed to soak my last notebook,
it was the perfect excuse to get a new one.

So therefore, I managed to capture this little gem from our first night in Venice.

9 March 2012
On our walk back to the hotel after stopping on the Academia Bridge 
to admire the beauty of the city JD stopped and said "Oh look, a fish!"
I stopped and peeked over the low railing to find a furry rat 
with a long wire of a tail swimming at quite an impressive speed.
"No, that's a rat!" I informed him. JD didn't believe me.
"Well, it is shaped like a rat, has a long tail like a rat... 
It is either a small crocodile head or a rat."

Naturally, we turned to follow it down the canal for a bit until we lost sight of it 
after it went under a bridge and ducked behind a boat parked against the side.
JD leaned against the railing, craning to see if it had continued on down the canal 
without us seeing, but it was nowhere to be found.

Venice at night.
Don't worry, there are no rats to be found here.

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