March 1, 2012


It's been raining on and off all week here.
My hair has not been enjoying it, I've had it up almost every day.
It's definitely been one of those weeks where I consider 
cutting it so it brushes the tops of my shoulders.
Maybe it would look healthier at that length.

Anyway, last Sunday, we took a walk along a little wooden path,
that I never knew was there, to the Fire Island Lighthouse.
It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the brush helped shield the wind
so we could enjoy being close to the beach.

It may be terribly obvious l but I'm really anxious for summer
or just warm weather in general.


  1. Lovely photos! That deck path is enticing in a way...I saw it and I just wanted to run down it!
    But I'm right there with ya on wanting warmer weather. I live in Denver and I'm so sick of seeing snow in the forecast :-(

    Just found your beautiful blog!
    XO - Marion


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